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5-YEAR warranty
Standard warranty on all parts for 2 years + 3 additional years warranty free of charge
The warranty extension covers the main parts of the sensor, except its cable.


Quick diagnosis: Cut down on the visualisation time of your x-rays: they are taken instantly in high-resolution
(no developing or scanning time required)



Optimised patient/practitioner relationship: Integration of the acquired images in your patients’ digital files



Mobile and portable solution: The x-rays are processed with the help of digital imaging filters and tools,
Network enabled - information and equipment sharing



The use of chemical agents is not required, recycling is facilitatedthrough minimization of the electronics: Patient safety and environmental impact taken into account


Atraumatic & ergonomic


The rounded off edges and bevelled sides make the Opteo the perfect response to your handling and patient comfort requirements. In addition to this, the thickness of the sensor and the diameter of the cable have been reduced to a minimum. The flexibility of the cable and the fact it is positioned high on the sensor guarantee easy positioning in the mouth: there is no risk of cable rupture, the comfort in the mouth is ideal.


Simple & automatic


No more cumbersome boxes... The Opteo’s direct USB connection makes its use (with single and multiple station) both simple and intuitive. The three meter cable enables you to connect to your computer no matter what the layout of your office. The unique automatic wake-up system of the sensor reduces the number of steps to be followed to take an x-ray: the capture of a quality image based on the x-ray emissions is also guaranteed.


High-definition & precision

The direct USB connection guarantees instantaneous X-ray image capture. The high definition (20pl/mm) associated to 14 bits grey levels, afford excellent legibility of the x-rays: the images are clear, bright and contrasted. The large active surface area of the sensor offers an optimum format for the x-ray image. Your diagnosis is therefore accurate, quick and reliable.


Fully adapted to all your clinical practices


The Opteo is available in two sizes:
Size 1 (T1) and size 2 (T2) in order to suit all your practices (retroalveolar, posterior, bitewing etc.). It can be used in endodontics, parodontics, prosthetic surgery and